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Disaster Relief

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Several tornadoes touched down in five states across the South, on Wednesday, April 27. The storms caused widespread destruction overnight.  Over 300 lives were claimed. Thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed.

Among the hardest hit areas is Tuscaloosa, Al. There have been over 100 confirmed deaths in the state, and that number is expected to rise. The people are in desperate need, and Church At The GYM is sending help.

On Thursday, May 5,  Church At The GYM will send a Disaster Relief Team and a load of supplies to the storm victims in Alabama. The load will included food, water and other necessities.

You can help us in three ways:


First, you should pray for the people affected by the devastating tornados, and then, you can join us in praying for our Disaster Relief Team as they travel and serve in Alabama.


Click the donate button to give online now!

In addition to giving financially to support our efforts, you can also contribute any of these items:

Baby Food, Diapers, Baby Wipes, Formula, Underwear, Feminine Products, Flash Lights, Batteries, Lanterns, Snack Foods, Suitcases, Plastic Storage Containers, Moving Boxes, Gift Cards (Wal-mart), & Medicine (over-the-counter)


You are invited to join us on the trip to Alabama to serve the affected communities directly. We leave this Thursday and return on Saturday. For more details, call 407-323-1583.

Thank You Notes from Belize

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Hello everyone!

As you have seen from our Belize 2011 highlight video, we had a wonderful time serving and being a blessing in Belize.  Recently, we have received several thank you notes from our missionaries in the country.  And, we figured we’d share them with you.  So, here they are…

From Bill Smith, our missionary at Bullet Tree Church

So hard to put into words and express what a blessing and joy it was to have you personally here with us this week! This whole trip and time together was all about expressing love one toward one another and that is exactly what you did every second of the trip.  You showed it to me, to the people of Bullet Tree BC, the people of Valley BC, to the people on your own team, and to my family, especially Abby and Micah.  THANKS for loving on my kids!  And I don’t mean just the gifts and money but more importantly, the time, love, and attention you personally gave them.  That is worth so much more than things!

It almost goes with out saying that anytime you guys want to come back it word be our honor and privilege to host you and your dear people again.  I know you have many missionary families throughout this world that you support and that need your help too, so we will patiently wait our turn.  Just know, that our motivation is not another building or sidewalk (don’t get me wrong we are most grateful for both) but our motivation is that we would just love to hangout and enjoy the fellowship of our special friends at your church once again!

Hope you are able to catch your breath and get a little rest….Please give our love to Pastor Ron and to Mrs. Shirley, Don, Yvonne, Jane, Eric, Cody, Zach, Yvonne, Tammi, and Midge!  We already miss you all!  Most of all say thanks to all the dear people at PABC who made this trip possible!  Hope to talk again soon.

All our Love,
Bill, Rhonda, Abby & Micah
From Ben, the future pastor of Bullet Tree Church:
Hello friends.  It was a blessing this past week to have you here with us.  Thank you for all the hard work you all did for us.  We are very blessed by the new building you all gave us.  The kids will really enjoy it.  Thank you for the money you gave me too.  Thank you also for all the meals and for taking me to Xunantunich and Five Sisters Falls.  I so enjoyed the week and your sweet fellowship.

Hope to see you all again soon. Please give my thanks to everyone who came.  I will have you all in my prayers!   I love you in Jesus.

Your Friend,
From Dan Weaver, our missionary in the Valley of Peace:

Thanks again so much for all that you and your people do for us and our ministry here in Belize.  I truly enjoyed myself at the conference. Your people are so genuine and loving.  The team that came back to Belize with me was great, as always.  Your people are always so prepared and so easy to have.  Jonathan did a great job. The building in Bullet Tree looks great.

There are so many things I want to thank you and your people for.   Thanks for…Having me in for the conference and taking such good care of me while I was there…The gracious love offering… The fishing trip…  Thanks for all the laughs… Thanks for sending the team… Thanks for providing the funds for the building the building in Bullet Tree… Thanks for the financial gift given to Vicki and me before the team left… Thanks for your faithfulness each month with the MANNA Feeding Center.

I could go on and on and on. Let me just say this, “Thanks for loving us, man.” You guys are the greatest.

All for Him,
Dan Weaver

2011 Missions Trip to Belize

Apr 18, 2011   //   by Church At The GYM   //   Blog, Missions  //  2 Comments

Here’s is the highlight video from our missions trip to Belize. We were truly blessed to bless. We built a Sunday School building at Bullet Tree Baptist, and we got to love on out missionaries. Thanks for the support and prayers. We’re already beginning talk about how we can return next year…you should come!

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