"Gym Rules"

Every gym has rules, right?  Well, so do we.  But, it’s not what you think.  These aren’t the “no food in the gym” and “no black soled shoes on the basketball floor” type.  Our Gym Rules remind us of who we are and what we’re about.  They give us focus and clarity.  They are our core values.

1. Jesus First: We are known by what we are for not what we are against.

We are for Jesus and His Kingdom.  We want more people to know Jesus.  We have other beliefs and convictions, but we want people to think of Jesus first when they think of us.

2. Evangelistic: We care more about reaching people than keeping people.

We are here on earth to introduce more people to Jesus.  We will not compromise on that mission in order to make “churchy” people happy.

3. Relevant: We embrace the mission more than the method.

Change is part of our DNA.  We will continually innovate and find new ways to introduce people into a real relationship with Jesus.  We are not locked in to any methods or ways of doing church.

4. Generosity: We care more about giving than getting.

We embrace opportunities to live generously.  We give sacrificially to further God’s work in our community.  We understand that God will often give through us what He will not give to us.

5. Attitude: We are fans not critics.

There are plenty of  haters in this world.  We will be helpers.  We will be raving fans constantly talking about how God has used this church to change and impact our lives.

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