What To Expect

Getting Ready

You can visit us on Sundays at 10:00am.  For location information, click here.  As you get ready to leave your home, dress comfortably.  Feel free to wear whatever you’d like.  We meet in a gym…it’s a relaxed environment.

Arriving Here

When you drive up, you’ll notice that we currently meet in the gym of Palmetto Avenue Baptist Church.  So, don’t be worried when you see those signs.  Instead, follow our signs that say, “Church At The GYM.”  They’ll lead you right to the front door of the gym.

Before Church

We encourage you to arrive about fifteen minutes early to check in your kids and enjoy a free cup of coffee and a donut with us.  The Kids’ Place is located in the big tan building adjacent to the gym.  Our volunteers at the door can show you the way.   Once you enter the gym, you can visit the clearly marked Guest Services table for answers to any questions that you might have.

During Church

There will be some singing, but it’s okay if you don’t sing because you don’t know the songs.  We didn’t know them at first either.  There will be an offering, but that’s so that our regular attendees can help us pay our operating expenses.  Our guests shouldn’t put anything in…just let the offering bucket pass right on by.  There will be a message.  We hope that it adds value to your life.

After Church

After church, stop by our Guest Services table to get your free gift!  Also, our volunteers are available to answer any questions that you have.  Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your kids at The Kids’ Place!

We hope that you’ll find your experience with us to be engaging and helpful.  We hope that your experience with us makes you want to come back.

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