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Businesses love to boast about their mission and mission statement. Whether it is to be the best cell phone carrier in the world or whether it is to provide the best sandwich in all of Sanford, Florida. If our mission is unclear, it will make it impossible for us to gauge whether or not we are doing a good job.

Our mission at Church At The Gym is simple we want to make Jesus famous. This is acted out differently in everyone’s life. Sometimes this will take us to Alabama to help with tornado relief efforts. Other times it will lead us to Guatemala to provide people with a house and a place of worship. Our mission challenges us to live differently at work, at home and in anything else we do. Our mission is not something we “turn on” and “turn off” like a toaster. It is something that compels us to live differently every day.

We challenge you to join us in our mission of making Jesus famous to the world.

(Contributed by: Jason Williams)

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