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I love infomercials! I know it’s weird, but when I come across that random channel at night that has countless infomercials, I’m hooked! I’ve never bought anything, but I’m always impressed at the random stuff that they can sell! Then, I usually YouTube the parody version for a quick laugh.

My favorite infomercials scams are the ones that say “In just 30 minutes a day!” I was recently reading an article about tanning. If you tanned for 30 minutes a day for a week you would probably be a nice, light brown color. Your skin will adapt to that brown color in order not to BURN! Well, let’s say you continued this trend and went out in the sun for 30 minutes for the next 6 months! Well, you would still be that nice shade of light brown. Your body would no longer need to adapt to the continued stimulation because your light brown tan is in place, and it is not getting any additional exposure. It’s just getting the same 30 minutes which it is used to. If you wanted to get any darker, you will have to add more time to your tanning sessions.

(So, where am I going with this?)

Well, I’m tired of meeting Christians who think that a weekend service is going to make them a “Super Christian.” Over time you will adapt to your mediocre Christian life. If we as Christians want to continue to grow, we must do exactly that, GROW. We grow by serving, telling others about Jesus, reading our Bibles, reading Christian books, intentionally having good conversation with those around us, and just continually trying to become more like Jesus.

If you feel the same way that you did 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years ago, it’s time to try something new. Get out there and take a bigger bite!

(Contributed by Jason Williams)

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