Baptism Explained

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A lot of people often have questions about baptism, this blog is going to help clear those questions up and explain what baptism is.

Why get baptized?

1) To follow Jesus’ example. (Mark 1:9)
2) Jesus told us to baptize and be baptized. (Matthew 28:19, 20)
3) Jesus baptized and made disciples. (John 4:1)
4) The early churches did it. (Romans 6:2-3, Ephesians 4:5)

What is Scriptural baptism?

1) Baptism doesn’t save you.
2) It symbolizes Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. (I Corinthians 15:3-4, Colossians 2:12)
3) It illustrates my new life as a Christ follower. (II Corinthians 5:17, Romans 6:4)

This by no means is a conclusive list, but a good brief explanation. Our church is baptizing this weekend. Come out and join us at 10am to see it done live!

(Contributed by Jason Williams)

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