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When I was just a young (punk) kid growing up in Sanford, FL I loved listening to Punk music. One of my favorite bands, MxPx, had this song called, “Responsibility.” The lyrics went, “Responsibility, what’s that? Responsibility, no not quite, yet.” This was my anthem growing up. I figured when I left the Central Florida area, left my small, local church I’d start thinking and worrying about responsibility. My Dad always told me, “When you have your own power bill I’m going to come over and leave all the lights on and open the fridge door and turn the air down to 72!” This was a joke to me, until I got my own place and started paying for all those things, now, I thank Jesus everyday that he doesn’t come over and do that!

I’ve found the key to any growth or maturity is responsibility. Until you feel the urgency of responsibility, you are incapable of growing.

Be responsible for how things are in your life right now. Your city, family, job, savings, life is all because of you. The church in Sanford, FL called Church At The Gym is what it is, because of it’s regular attenders. Take responsibility.

The words of legendary coach John Wooden ring true today, “Control the things we can control. If you try to change the things you can not control, then it will soon affect the things you can control.” We need to accept responsibility and change the things we can. There is an infinite list of things we can not change, take responsibility, change things for the better.

“Be the change in the world, that you wish to see.” – Ghandi

(Contributed by Jason Williams)

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