It's easier when you've got support.

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Imagine yourself all alone in a new city. New faces all around. And, you don’t have any friends in town…at least not yet. Plus, you’ve got a new four year challenge ahead of you.

You’re a college student. You’re living in a dorm with people you don’t really know. You’re going to class, and it seems quite a bit harder than high school.  And, home is a long way away.

You need some help. Some encouragement to help you along.  Because the truth is…

It’s easier when you’ve got support.

Well church, that’s where Chris Gardner is. We just sent him off to college for the first time, and he needs to know that he has your support. There will be challenging days ahead, and you have the opportunity to encourage him along.

You can send him letters, cards, and packages. You can be a blessing! Here’s Chris’ mailing address:

Chris Gardner
800-200 Hammond Blvd
Box 140
Jacksonville, FL 32221

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