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If Church At The Gym is going to be a church that changes the world for Christ, we must first change Sanford, FL, and before our church changes, our people must first change.

This last Sunday the message covered 3 questions we need to answer.

Question 1: What can you not stand?

– What injustice in the world do you stay up late thinking about?
– What do you wish “someone” would just do? That “someone” is probably you.

Question 2: What is your plan?

– If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
– People will oppose you, but people will also support you!

Question 3: What is in your hand?

– What has God gifted you with?
– Remember Moses when he laid down his staff he laid down 3 things: identity, income, and influence.

In two weeks we will be having faculty members from Pinecrest Elementary who will challenge us to be mentors to the students there. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

We run a feeding center in Belize. Are you willing to donate $6 a week to support a child?

We are planning mission trips next year. Are you willing to accept the challenge?

We have given you permission to do your dream, will you do it?

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